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DC is an American brand that was founded by Ken Block and Damon Way. Known for not only their shoes but also their headwear. Their caps, with their distinctive style, have become a staple in the skating community and beyond. Many of DC's designs have achieved the status of classics, returning year after year due to their enduring popularity.

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DC - Founded by Ken Block

DC, a brand synonymous with the world of extreme sports, was founded by Damon Way and Ken Block in 1994. The brand's roots trace back to Droors Clothing, a venture started by the duo a few years earlier, which eventually evolved into DC Shoes. Today, DC is a global brand offering a diverse range of products, including clothing, shoes, and caps.

DC's growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. Its strong presence in the extreme sports world has propelled it to become one of the industry's leading brands. The classic DC logo, a staple on their caps, is recognized worldwide. In 2004, the brand was acquired by Quiksilver, further accelerating its growth and reach.

Ken Block, one of the founders, is a renowned figure in motorsports. His representation of the brand in various videos has been a significant part of DC's marketing strategy, further solidifying its place in the industry.

At Hatstore, we offer a wide selection of DC caps from their extensive collection. Whether you're looking for a stylish cap to complete your outfit or a functional cap for your sporting activities, DC has got you covered.

In addition to caps, DC also offers a range of beanie hats. These beanies, like their caps, reflect the brand's roots in skateboarding, snowboarding, and motorsports. The popular DC logo is a key feature in their collection, adding a touch of brand identity to each piece.

DC beanies are not only stylish but also warm, making them a great choice for cooler weather. We offer beanies from the latest collections, ensuring that you always have access to the newest styles.

Whether you're an extreme sports enthusiast or a fashion-forward individual, DC offers something for everyone. Explore our selection of DC caps and beanies today.